"Capturing Life"


Mike + Marnie

Family (1 of 1)-4It was a very wet Saturday in early November for the wedding of Mike and Marnie.  Not to be deterred, Marnie insisted upon still doing some of their photos in the rain and I’m oh so glad she did.  _SKS8958

The venue, Olson Mansion, in Maple Valley, Wa., provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding and they also provided perfect umbrella’s to use as well.  Rustic barn type exterior for the wedding venue and beautiful old mansion for the gathering location of the bridal party and family created two very unique places for photos as well._SKS9319_SKS9226_SKS8729_SKS8762

Marnie and Mike first met in January of 2014 at World of Beer.  Marnie was working on an essay for a Foreign Language scholarship when Mike and a few friends sat next to her.  One of the guys Mike was with noticed Marnie’s University of Washington sweatshirt and struck up a conversation.  They ended up all talking about music and sports while getting acquainted and, at the end of the evening, Mike asked her for her phone number.  On the way to their vehicles, Marnie say’s she just might have reminded Mike to make sure and call her.  He did and their lives together began.DSC_0148

Marnie says she knew the proposal was coming because they had talked about marriage and knew this was where they were headed.  She had the venue booked before he even proposed but it didn’t take long for him to make it all official._SKS9424 _SKS9408


Photo Credit: Cindi Scappini

Their wedding was what Marnie described as “Vintage Glamour” mixed with a little rustic.  _SKS9931 _SKS9928_SKS9857

Their families are both warm and inviting and seemed to really enjoy the day together.  Marnie and Mike were both so relaxed all day and made working together with them a joy.DSC_0117_SKS9848_SKS8476 _SKS8466-Edit _SKS8444 _SKS8435

Mike and Marnie, may you have many wonderful years ahead to enjoy each others friendship and love.  Thank you for allowing us to document your day and thank you for not allowing the rain to dampen your joy and fun.

_SKS9754 DSC_0331_SKS8957


Josh and Kayla

Josh & Kayla

Saturday was the beautiful wedding of Josh & Kayla.  What a joy to be part of such wonderful events as weddings.  It’s even more of a joy to be part of a wedding when you know the couple personally!

Kayla’s mom and I have been friends for many years.  I’ve seen Kayla grow and mature into the beautiful young woman she is today and what a wonderful thing it is to see her meet and marry the man of her dreams.

Kayla and Josh first met when Kayla’s cousin was dating Josh.  About 9 months after her cousin and Josh parted ways, Josh and Kayla began texting each other.  With approval from her cousin, the relationship blossomed and grew and eventually they realized God was bringing them together and they were headed for marriage.

Josh was able to surprise Kayla with the proposal and, in spite of his aversion to high places, took her to a beautiful place called Deception Pass on Whidbey Island.  He dropped to one knee and asked her to be his for life.  She was surprised but, of course, said “YES!”

Kayla loves that Josh is protective of her and has a gentle heart.  When Kayla shared about her beloved Grandma Gail’s passing, Josh shed tears alongside Kayla, showing her how much he cared about the things that matter to her.  Josh loves Kayla’s huge heart that she freely shares with those around her.  He loves her unconditional love given to others.

























Josh and Kayla, it was an immense joy and honor to photograph your special day.  My prayer for you is that you will always remember the freshness of your early days together and that, as you walk through the seasons of marriage and life, you will put God first in your marriage and that you will choose to love even when you may not feel like it.

Congratulations to you both!

Caleb & Megan


Today was the wedding day for beautiful Megan and handsome Caleb.  Oh, my, what an amazing couple they are.  I’ve known Megan for a number of years and she has blessed my heart immensely over the years.  Sweet, adorable, tender hearted are all words that describe her.  Caleb is new on the scene for me but I can tell he’s a perfect match for Megan.


Meeting at Barclay College in the Midwest, Caleb and Megan did not have the immediate “THIS IS IT!!!” feeling.  Instead, their love grew out of friendship and blossomed into “you’re the one!”.  As Caleb says, “I think it was more of a gradual thing.  There could be a lot of little points and things she did to confirm that she was the one  Letters or adventures, her willingness to be herself around me and just the way she would laugh and humm and sing.  It was a process, but I know she is the one!”


Megan says the thing she most loves about Caleb is that  he listens to her, always encourages her in her relationship with Christ, and he is a goofball but knows how to make her feel special.   Caleb says that what he loves most about Megan is that she loves Jesus and she loves music.  Put those two together and it’s a pretty awesome combination!


Caleb and Megan, thank you for allowing me to part of your very special day.  I am always honored to be asked to take wedding portraits and it is was a blessing to take yours today.  May God always bless your relationship and may you both grow in your love for Him and for each other!