"Capturing Life"

One Special Engagement Session

This past month has been an incredible time in our family.  Our future daughter in law (or, I should say “Daughter in Love” because we all love her so much!) has been visiting from Toronto.  While we spent a week last fall in Toronto meeting her and her family, it just wasn’t long enough to really get to know her.  She was here for a couple weeks this past Christmas but, again, it wasn’t long enough with all the commitments we had during the Holidays.

This visit we were able to spend some great quality time with her.  We went camping, golfing, did 4th of July fireworks, had lots of BBQ’s, and watched she and our son laugh together and enjoy each others company.  It was delightful! It is also delightful that I will finally have a daughter.  I LOVE my boys fully and completely but I always wished for a daughter as well so I’m overjoyed that there will be another “girl” in the family AND that she is such a perfect fit.

When Austin and Felma asked me if I would take engagement photos for them, I was thrilled!  We carved time out this past weekend and spent a couple of hours working on the portraits.

They met 7 years ago playing a game online.  Since they were so young, it was not possible for them to meet in person and so they communicated for 3 years until they were old enough to take the next step.  When Austin turned 18, he purchased an airline ticket and headed for  Toronto, spending Christmas that year with Felma and her family.  They knew even then that their future included being together.

Originally from the Philippines, Felma has lived in Dubai and now in Toronto, Canada.  When she came to visit this past Christmas it was a typical Pacific Northwest Winter complete with mostly rainy days.  I’m certain she thought it would never be sunny and warm here so we were delighted to share our warm summer sunshine and beautiful scenic views that come in the summer.  At least she knows it can be warm and sunny and not always rainy.

They have plans to marry the summer or fall of 2014.  It’s a long ways off for two people who are in love and desire to be able to share their lives and be together.  School and job search responsibilities come first with the hope that they will truly be ready for the next step in their lives by next summer.

In the meantime, they will continue to deal with the distance between them and make the most of every moment they have been able to spend together in person.   Having had a long distance relationship myself with my husband (although not nearly as far apart as Austin and Felma are), I understand a little of how hard it is;  I also understand the character building and rewards that comes from waiting for God’s best in our lives instead of settling for something less than best.  They have chosen to use this time wisely by not only finishing school but also working on strengthening their relationship via some pre-marriage studies which will help to equip them for marriage in the future.

As a mom, I’m very proud of them for their willingness to wait, to try and do things the right way and get their lives set a little bit before taking the step of marriage.  I’m also proud of them for their teachable hearts when it comes to building their relationship and for the mutual respect they have for each others families.

I can’t wait until the day they are able to say “I DO!”.  It will be one glorious day for the two of them!



2 responses

  1. Wayne

    Sandy, congratulations on your new daughter! I’m sure after rearing a family of boys, it will be awesome to have some feminine company around. You did a wonderful job capturing their love and feelings for each other in the photos. Salamat** for sharing!

    ** you’ll have to ask Felma to translate….

    July 26, 2013 at 7:39 pm

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