"Capturing Life"

Kyle and Zachary

I’ve had a couple of Senior Portrait sessions this past week.  It’s such a wonderful time of year when the new graduates and future graduates are having their portraits done.

Kyle is graduating from the University of Washington.  I must say, first of all, that I had to do this photo shoot on the sly; my husband attended the rival school of Washington State University and anything Husky or Purple and Gold are things of disdain to him.  Ha ha!!  I had to convince him that I would NEVER go to the dark side just by walking around the (beautiful!!) campus of the University of Washington.  🙂  School pride runs deep.

A few years back, Kyle’s wedding was my first leap into the world of Wedding photography.  I was the second shooter for he and Mallory’s wedding and it was the time I came home and told my husband “I’m never doing that again!!”  I’ve eaten many words in my lifetime so these were just a few more that I had to eat.  I now love wedding photography.

Kyle’s degree is in Mathematics and his hope is to land a job working for a company such as ESPN doing statistic’s.  The world is their oyster and he and Mallory are looking for the pearl in that oyster to take them to a new destination and experience.

The other soon-to-be graduate I had the joy of photographing is Zachary.  Zachary is a quiet young man with a passion for music.  His plan is to attend Berklee School of Music in Boston next year.  He is a drummer and singer with dreams and goals for his future.

Zachary and his girlfriend, Jordyn, enjoying a moment together.

As I do with each and every graduating senior I know, I hope that Kyle and Zachary each are able to pursue their dreams, enjoy the success they desire in their careers, and experience fullness of life ahead.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your story by helping to Capture Life at this moment in time.



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