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The Measure of Masculinity

_DSC4643This past week, my photo theme was “Masculine”.  I thought “Oh, no problem!  I live in a house full of men so this will be easy peasey!”  It turned out to not be as easy and I thought.

You see, the culture in today’s world in which we live has seen great transitions from our more “role specific” past.  It use to be that women and men had more defined roles, more defined things that typified them.  Not so much any longer.

As I wandered through my thoughts this past week thinking of the theme and what I wanted to do, every time I thought of something that in my mind seemed to define “Masculine”, I would then realize that no, it could define both men and women.  Women have permeated almost every area that use to be the definition of a man.  Sports, carpentry, mechanics, these are just a few of the things that came to mind and then were dismissed.

As my husband, Ric, my son Austin, and I watched the movie “Courageous” last night, I realized what I wanted to show in my weekly photo.  It’s not something dramatic or dynamic.  It’s a very simple reflection of what I think defines Masculinity.

I believe Masculinity is defined as a man knowing what his role is in society as a defender of others, being strong not physically but in fortitude, resolute in his beliefs, filled with character and integrity.  He is ready and willing to courageously do battle to defend and preserve his family, he takes responsibility when he should and steps up to stand firm when necessary. A “manly man”, in my opinion, is not some guy who has bulging muscles and walks around the gym grunting.  Nor is it a man who lives in the woods, eats his own kill and wears deer scented spray.  Instead, it’s the man who is willing to lay his life down for others sacrificially, who shows his strength in his willingness to do what is right, not what is popular.

I am grateful to my husband for being a “Manly Man”, for teaching our boys how to be real men, and for showing me what the word “Masculine” really means.

(Note:  As I just completed writing this I glanced out the window and witnessed my husband and son knocking down a wasps nest; they had a long stick and knocked it down, then ran!  Masculinity shows wisdom when needed and knows when to fight and when to run!)


One response

  1. Wayne

    Sandy, you have such a wonderful perspective of what it really means to be a man and it sounds like you and Ric have worked to instill these values in the young men in your household.

    June 8, 2013 at 5:02 pm

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