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Spring Snow, Parties, and Sunsets

Spring has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, albeit with a dash of snow one morning and gorgeous warm sunsets the next evening.  That’s the nature of nature here in the springtime and it’s one of the reasons why we have the most gorgeous blooms of crocuses, daffodils, and tulips.

The morning it snowed I only went outside in it so that I could take a few photos of the flowering buds with the icy snow on them.  There has to be a compelling reason to walk out the door in 33 degree weather; taking pictures was compelling enough to get me out the door.   Fortunately the snow was a limited event and was gone by the afternoon.

The night after the big snowfall, our homeschool co-op hosted a “Princess Bride” party for the teen’s.  It was a great event complete with a photobooth, games, prizes, snacks and, of course, the movie “Princess Bride”.  Inconceivable!!!  The kids had a great time, as did we adults who were supposed to be acting as mature leaders for our youth.

We even had the “Brute Squad” who were keeping an eye on the every move of the gang, although I think they were outwitted a time or two by those crafty youths.  Inconceivable!

Another springtime party we’ve come to enjoy is that of celebrating the birth of Olivia.  This was her 3rd birthday and she just keeps getting more and more adorable.  We’ve been so blessed to be included in the birthday celebrations and other special events each year since she arrived in our friends’ home as a foster-adopt baby 3 years ago.  She’s coming into her own these days and is just too fun for words.  Her mom asked me to grab my camera and run over to take some quick photos one day when the sun was out, the temperatures were warm and it felt like an acceptable day to do an outdoor photoshoot.  The results were so many adorable photos I could not decide which were my favorites…..so, I gave almost all of them to her mom to decide.  Here’s a few of my favorites.


And, my personal favorite that every mother dreads her beautiful princess daughter doing………(you can tell I have all boys if I think this is cute)

At the end of these springtime days, there are the occasional glorious sunsets.  A couple of the evenings so far have been warm enough to walk along the beach and enjoy the sunset.  Austin, my eldest son, and I drove to one of our local beaches one evening and took photos, walked along the beach, skipped rocks and enjoyed the sunset.  It was glorious and one of those moments I have learned to treasure as my kids are nearing the ages of leaving home to live on their own.  Words cannot express the joy I find in these times with my boys.

Cama Beach State Park Cabins, Camano Island, Washington.

I hope you find a way to bask in every moment of every day.