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Doorways to Life

It’s been such a long time since I last blogged that I almost forgot how!  Well, okay, so I would probably never forget how to blog but it has been a long time!

I have had several portrait sessions and a wedding that I eventually will post photo’s from however today’s post is a quick one featuring the 52 week challenge I’m currently working my way through.  This past week’s theme was “Doorways”.

I was in Vancouver, WA, for the past 2 weeks assisting my mother after a surgery she had.  While there I made time to steal away and spend a few blissful moments for myself doing something I love: photographing anything of interest that caught my eye and fit the theme for the week. As is drove to a few locations looking for interesting doorways, the idea began to build in my mind that there are many meanings to doorways.  There are the doorways to our nations history, as reflected by the log wall doorway to Fort Vancouver. Inside, there are old buildings replicating the days when the Hudson’s Bay Company housed fur trading and supplied the needs of those earliest of settlers to the west. _SKS9145

Outside the doorway to the fort extends a long row of Officer’s Housing.  The beauty of them is awe-inspiring as you view the long row of flag clad houses.  They have been restored to their majestic beauty and have bragging rights for having housed notable military men such as Ulysses S. Grant and General Oliver Howard.  The sidewalk leads to thresholds that have been crossed by many men of valor over the years and cause one to stop and ponder the great men they have sheltered. _SKS9135

A few blocks away stands the doorway to another slice of history.  This one, not quite so old as the fort or the officer row houses, is a doorway that opens the way for those of us who enjoy the opportunity to be entertained by the Cinema.  The old Kiggin’s Theater originally opened in 1935 and has had a history rich in film over the many years of it’s operation.  I have enjoyed movies over the years in this old theater, although it’s been several years now since I was able to attend a movie there.  I think it’s time to remedy that; maybe on my next visit to Vancouver. _SKS9133

As I was driving through a neighborhood one day, I spotted this unique garage door through the yards lining the street.  I turned the corner and drove over a block so that I could get a better look at the artwork on this door.  Whomever the artist is, they have created a colorful doorway for their vehicle to enter and exit.  I don’t know that I can recall ever seeing a doorway quite so colorful and creative. _SKS9148

The last doorway is one that was a welcome site at the end of 2 weeks away from home.  The doorway to the Amtrak train that was to be my mode of transportation back to Stanwood was my doorway to the route home.  It’s difficult to be gone from your family for that long and it gave me a new respect for those who are required to travel for their work.  It must be a long and lonely time to be away from those you love on a regular basis.  While there is an element of “home” in being at my mother’s house, and most certainly a comfort in being there, in my heart I know that my true home here on earth is with my husband and boys.  For that reason, the doorway to the Amtrak train was the most welcome doorway of the theme last week.


It’s always great to travel, to experience new things, to be able to be there for my mom in her time of needing help.  Beyond that, it’s also always great to be able to return home to the most welcoming doorway of all