"Capturing Life"

Time Just Keeps Slipping Away

I may have already said this in the past but, where does time go?

Since my last blog post, life has sped on at breakneck speeds.  I’ve photographed a few weddings, captured a few family portraits, enjoyed time with some graduating seniors while I took their portraits and thoroughly enjoyed each and every session I’ve had the past few months. I’ve had one of my sons get engaged, had my two oldest sons begin new years at college, began a new year of homeschooling with my youngest son, spent all my free time playing taxi driver to my youngest son taking him to music lessons and various other activities, and in my spare time tried to keep our family rolling along. In all of this, my camera continues to be my companion (when I remember to throw it in the car with me, that is), documenting life around me.


As we are heading quickly into the Christmas season, I see days full of shopping, baking, (yes, and eating too), parties and memories being made.  How about you?  Are you looking ahead at a calendar filled with events that mark the season?  What is your plan of action when it comes to saving those memories, documenting them for future reference?

I have discovered a couple of ways to enjoy all those photo’s I’ve taken in the past and thought I would share a couple of ideas with you.  I’m more than certain this is not “new” information for anyone however maybe it will spur you on to take those photo’s you’ve got on your computer and do something more with them than just have them fill up hard disk space.

One of my favorite things to do is to make a calendar each year with some of the photo’s from the previous year.  I do this as a gift for my mom.  Whose mom doesn’t enjoy having a calendar hanging on their wall that one of their children made for them, regardless of the age of their child?  Rest assured that I am more than old enough to be past the age of having my mother hang my artwork on her refrigerator, yet she still does enjoy having it on her walls.  I have used a few online publishers such as Costco, Mpix, and Picaboo to print my calendars and have found all of them to offer varieties of options, prices and formats.  Pick one and give it a try.  It’s fun to turn the page to a new month and see one of your forgotten about photo’s gracing the page.

Longing to leave

Another idea is to create blank greeting cards with your photography.  Again, the same publishers as listed above have options to print your personal cards and you can give them as gifts to your friends or simply use them yourself as greeting cards.  I like the Costco printing as they will do a full bleed style print, which allows you to fill the whole front of the card without much of a border.  The negative thing about it is that they print their annoying logo on the back of the card and everyone sees that it’s a Costco print job.

Simple, uncomplicated

Simple, uncomplicated

I recently purchased a new Canon printer and have been experimenting with it printing cards.  It does a decent job and, once I figure out how to print a full bleed card, I’ll likely try printing all my own cards instead of sending them out to be printed.

One last idea is to create yearbooks for your family, or travel logs from recent vacations.  My friend, Traci, is the best person I know to accomplish this task.  She has some of the most creative fun to look at books I’ve seen and she inspires me to be a little better about getting my photo’s pulled together in a book form.

Our family, Toronto 2012

Our family, Toronto 2012

I have two such books on our living room coffee table.  One of the books contains all of my 365 project photo’s in it.  That book cost a bit to publish however it’s a unique collection of my photo’s from a year of my growth as a photographer.  The other book on our coffee table is a collection of photo’s from our trip to Hawaii a few years ago.  It’s filled with wonderful memories of our family as we spent 3 weeks relaxing, sight seeing, playing, and enjoying the sunshine.  I love to pick it up, turn the pages of the book and be transported back those years to a different place and time in our family.  Both of these books were printed by Picaboo using Groupon coupons I purchased online.  If you are not familiar with Groupon, I would suggest you give them a peek and subscribe to their e-mails.  You will find deep discounts on photography related printing that they post every so often.

Toronto from Center Island, done as an HDR

Toronto from Center Island, done as an HDR

There are endless options when it comes to ways to showcase and share your photography and I’ve only touched the surface of them.  I hope you find inspiration this Christmas season.  My wish for you is that you would grab whatever camera you have, whether it be a cell phone, point and shoot, ipad, or SLR, and use it begin documenting the many memories from your moments in time as a family.  You don’t have to be perfect at it, you just have to do it!

Austin & Felma, newly engaged.

Austin & Felma, newly engaged.

Notre-Dame Basilica-Cathedral (Quebec City), taken with my cell phone.

Notre-Dame Basilica-Cathedral (Quebec City), taken with my cell phone.

Fairmont Quebec - Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac at night using my cell phone.

Fairmont Quebec – Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac at night using my cell phone.


2 responses

  1. Time does seem to fly by Sandy and there are never enough hours in the day … . This year I also decided to use my photos as Christmas gifts. I kept my eye out for discounted and free photobooks, calendars, and canvas print offers and have kept the UPS man busy delivering my completed projects. The experience of putting these together has made me think ahead to next year and the types of photos I want/need to take to make these even better. Happy Holidays !

    December 1, 2012 at 5:57 am

  2. Wayne

    Life moves quickly, especially when one has kids. Great reminder to capture life’s fleeting moments before they all grow up and leave the nest…

    December 1, 2012 at 12:13 pm

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