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The Varied Life of My Photography

Life happens so quickly that if you stop for a moment, you might miss something.  That has been the pace of our family lately.  As we near graduation date for my middle son, Nathan, life has picked up a pace that exceeds the speed limits of most major freeways.  I think we could be ready to hit the Autobahn in Germany!

Still, regardless of the things that threaten to disrupt my photography, I have maneuvered around them and, camera in hand, have been staying active and challenged.

Among the places I’ve been, a day in Port Townsend, Wa. was one of the most delightful.  Old buildings, lighthouses, bunkers, boats, and ferry rides provided many great opportunities for picture taking.  It’s a beautiful place to visit and, if you’re ever in the area, I’d suggest a lunch at Sweet Laurette’s and bread from Pane d’Amore.  My lunch was fantastic, the dessert divine, and the ambiance very welcoming. The bread from Pane d’Amore was almost worth the ferry ride to go and stock my freezer!


Most recently, yesterday in fact, was the day to photograph my son’s Homeschool Graduating class…….in the rain…….pouring rain!   The kids’ spirits were not dimmed one little bit by the record rainfall of the day; I, on the other hand, wondered what I was doing standing in the rain trying to keep my lens from spotting with raindrops.  Camera covered by a large ziplock bag, umbrella propped over my head, and a few raindrops on the lens in some of the photo’s produced some really fun shots of the great kids!

Here’s just one of the many pictures that were taken yesterday.  As graduation day approaches and life ramps to full speed, you can be rest assured I’ll be capturing as many memories of these days as I possibly can so that, when life slows to a more manageable pace, I can look back and remember all the joy that went along with these precious moments in time.