"Capturing Life"

Olivia’s 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was Olivia’s 2nd birthday party.  It was so fun to be part of her special day, to join her family whom we love so much, to the milestone that launches her into “the terrible two’s!”  She won’t be a “terrible two”, I can assure you of that!

From the moment Olivia entered her family’s lives, we’ve been allowed to be part of their special moments.  From first receiving her to her eventual adoption, I have had the joy of photographing their family along the way, helping to give them memories from these special events so that they were free to just enjoy the moments themselves without having to worry about capturing pictures of the events.

The day was fun, the food fantastic, and, if you know Olivia’s mom, then you can imagine how over the top cute the decorations were!   I can’t think of anyone who is more creative and able to pull off a cuteness factor more than my friend, Traci.  I marvel at her abilities and try to soak it all in when I’m at her home.  She has 4 girls and one boy, I have 3 boys.  I don’t get to have pink in  my house so I enjoy every moment of it at hers.

Thanks, Olivia and family, for sharing your special day with us.  We love you and look forward to many more years of memories together.


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