"Capturing Life"

Oregon Weekend

This weekend we have been spending some great family time relaxing and catching up with extended family in a large rented home on the Oregon Coast.  We began with calm, dry, sunny weather and it has transitioned into more stormy, cold, snowy and rainy weather.  Over the course of the weekend I have gone from walking the beach and taking pictures to staying indoors and seeing what I can capture from the windows of our rented home.

Inside the house there is a telescope.  I was looking out at the ocean through it and thought it would be fun to try and shoot some pictures looking through the telescope.  I held my camera to the eyepiece of the telescope and took several pictures of the ocean, houses, and even people walking along the beach. I also spent one evening on the beach, with my niece, photographing the sunset.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every day brings new opportunity.  Go out and see what you can find.


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