"Capturing Life"

A Quick Update

It’s been a very busy month (or almost a month) since I last posted but I wanted to do a short post today to share some exciting news.  A few months ago one of my fellow “365’ers” approached me about participating in a blog with her.  Her concept is a photography blog where we rotate posting one time per week, have a weekly theme, and share what we are learning and doing with our photography.  It sounded like a fun idea and that is actually what motivated me to begin blogging ahead of time on my own.  I had to see how it all worked so that I knew what I was doing when the joint blog was up and running.

In the process we have a 3rd “365’er” joining us and so the 3 of us will take turns blogging together.  Today is our first official post; we are live and running!  You can find us at Chix That Klik; catchy name, don’t you think?  🙂

We had a great Christmas at our house, although it was quiet and we missed our eldest son who was in Toronto with his girlfriends’ family.  I had a Senior Portrait shoot (2 senior’s in one photoshoot) and a family photo shoot during the Christmas week so will be posting a blog update about that soon.

Happy New Year’s to you and may you have a year ahead filled with wonderful memories.


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