"Capturing Life"

Stuck in a Rut

I think I’m becoming stuck lately.  You know, the kind of stuck where you feel yourself slowly sinking, seeing your feet disappear into the murky water below and you begin to slog your way through each step.  Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration.  But, I notice that I’m tilting just a little these days.  Am I walking around with my head tilted so that everything in the world around me seems askew?

Maybe it’s just my camera.  I think it’s taken control of my sense of balance, making my hands tilt the camera body as I fight to regain a balanced vision.










Maybe everything around me is tilted and I’m still upright, walking perfectly balanced.








Whatever it is that is happening, one thing I know for sure.  I strongly dislike being stuck in a rut.  It’s time to get my equilibrium back, to take control of my camera, to say “NO” to the urge to view the world at a tilt.  In the ongoing effort to find a creative perspective, the tilt has taken control.  I must resist and strive to find a different, more unique way to see my world and to fan the creative fires.  Or, at the very least, I need to tilt my camera a different direction so that there is at least something to break the stagnant feel of my latest photo’s.

Thanks to the latest FREE  e-book from Craft and Vision , I think I may have some new inspirations to try.  I’m thinking maybe a personal challenge is in order.  Maybe each week I’ll take on one of the 11 ways to improve my photography and see what happens.  It will be just in the nick of time, too, and will save me from mundane things like using camera tilt to make something look more interesting than it really is.  🙂


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