"Capturing Life"

Photoshoot: Family Style

The cat’s out of the bag so I can finally share some of the photo’s from the family photoshoot I did a couple of months ago.  You see, the kids all got together to surprise their dad and mom with family portraits and they asked me to share in the surprise with them by taking the pictures.  It’s VERY difficult to keep such a secret when their mom is one of my close friends and I had to avoid any shred of a comment about the weekend we did this.

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It was another great learning experience for me.  I did a family photoshoot a couple of years ago.  The learning curve that time was huge!  I came home, looked at the pictures and thought every single one of them were unworthy of giving to them.  As time went on and I began to edit them, I found redeeming qualities in them and the ideal of perfectionism began to drop away a bit.  Fast forward to the present and I found myself having many of the same thoughts only this time there were more photo’s that I sort of liked and with editing I felt a bit more confident letting them leave my grasp.

It’s amazing to me how difficult it is to share one’s “art” with others.  It’s a very personal thing to take something you created and allow it out “there” to be critiqued by others.  Art is so highly subjective that sometimes I have trouble separating my emotions from my reasoning.  By this I mean that I might truly like something I do yet others may critique it as needing improvement.  How do I deal with that?  What do I do with my personal vision and attachment to what I create?  How do I deal with the insecurity of it all?

Difficult questions, I assure you, yet I find that each time I have that camera in my hand, I feel the thrill of the “click” when the shutter button is pushed.  I feel the anticipation of hope that I was able to capture what I saw as my personal vision for every frame I shoot.  I try, hard as it is, to allow myself to forgo the perfectionism that I can never seem to achieve and enjoy the true pictures of life that I seem to crave deep inside.

Thank you to this family, who happen to be one of my favorite families, for allowing me to learn and grow through each experience I’ve had in photographing moments of your lives.  I hope you enjoy the treasured memories that photo’s conjure up each time you look at them.


One response

  1. Sandy these turned out great, the family must be thrilled with them. Love the slide show thing you did as well how did you do that?????

    October 9, 2011 at 6:03 am

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